aloha.jpgIt was the kind of signature event that tells you, instantly, “You are on holiday!”. I saw a flash of yellow just out of the corner of my left eye. I knew it was my snorkel. By the time I got turned around in the water off Black Rock, on Kaanapali Beach, Maui, the snorkel had flown off my face and disappeared. My first thought was, ‘Hmmm. I assumed it would float.” But it did not float. And the swift current seemed to have taken it away. I had, of course, only worn this snorkel twice. Well, that’s, twice, unless you count the times I tried it out in Vancouver, just to, well, see how it felt, out of the water. And then, with the whole misadventure having lasted only about ten seconds, I spotted the snorkel just as I also spied a man diving down to fetch it. Hidden treasure. Little did he know that I would be waiting when he swam back to the surface, hand outstretched, to reclaim my booty. Would he be disappointed? Sure enough, he reappeared, and I was there, waiting, hand at the ready. I guess he could see that it matched my mask colour. “I would have returned it at the Ocean Activities desk” he proclaimed, before I even had a chance to say, ‘Thanks!”

The sense of sudden but totally manageable danger and misadventure is what alerts you to the fact that you are on Aloha time. Even as I sort of panicked, because it was, after all, a brand new snokel, I also thought to myself, ‘Whatever. I am on holiday. I can buy another one.” The juxtaposition of minor excitement with confident allure is seductive.

kdhallelujah.gifYes. I am finally on holiday. Hallelujah. Go watch KD Lang sing Hallelujah, and think about how unbelievably grateful I am for the chance to relax. Finally. Since April, and the breast cancer diagnosis, Janice and I have not been able to take a single holiday. Well, unless a weekend in Seattle counts. And here we are. It’s sunny. There’s sand everywhere in the condo. And I am full of pineapple. You’d think I was pregnant and dealing with some weird kind of food obsession. I can’t stop eating pineapple. I love pineapple. I think it’s because eating pineapple means that I made it, here. And getting here, well, you know just how hard it’s been.

The other thing that tells you you’re on holiday, is that you overhear people saying really odd, interesting, or truly bizarre things. Like the person in the airport, who asked her companion, “What’s the difference between Arrivals and Departures?”. Now that is probably my all-time favorite question. To arrive at a sufficiently complex response, but that was elegant, would be a lovely challenge. “Why is it windy?” was the funniest thing that I heard someone say today. It’s a great question, likewise, because there is no plausible answer. It sounds like a philosophical question, to me, rather than a meteorological question. And any answer would suffice. That’s what makes it a great question. But perhaps the best thing I heard all day was the woman who said to her beach-buddy, “Well, maybe we can do that tomorrow.” YEAH. What a great attitude. Tomorrow, maybe we can do that thing, that we have been dreaming about forever. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I could actually expect to do something tomorrow, and that it might actually happen. I knew this post would be kind of trite. No sophisticated thoughts. But who cares. I am full of pineapple, and happy enough to be thinking about tomorrow. Aloha.